Luksus mænds mekanisk ur Automatiske Safirglas Tunsten stål 5ATM Vandtæt Luminous med dato Armbåndsur Mænd OUPINKE

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Tags: diasteria se, rolex watch mænd, oupink, seiko ur, oem-luksus-ure, mænd ser, wolfram ring, heimdall se, san martin-se, sort mand ur.


  • Funktion: lysende hænder
  • Sagen Tykkelse: 11mm
  • Model-Nummer: mænd ser 3171
  • Tourbillon watch: seiko watch mænd
  • Dial Diameter: 40mm
  • Bevægelse: Automatisk Selv-Vind
  • Horloges mannen: reloj de hombre
  • Bokse & Sager Materiale: Papir
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Luksus Ur: Ure til mænd
  • Skive Vindue Materiale Type: Safir-Krystal
  • Business-Ur: fashion sport
  • Bånd Bredde: 20mm
  • Sag Form: RUNDE
  • Bandet Materiale Type: Wolfram Stål
  • Bandet Længde: 20cm
  • automatic ur mænd: Automatic Ur
  • OUPINKE se: Top mærke luksus ure herre
  • Mærke: Oupinke
  • Høj Kvalitet: automatisk urværk
  • Vandtæthed Dybde: 5Bar
  • Mekaniske Ure: 2020 new ur
  • zegarek meski: Horloges mannen
  • Element Type: Mekaniske Armbåndsure
  • Lås Type: Tryk På Knappen Skjult Clasp
  • relogios masculino: Mekanisk Ur
  • Stil: Virksomhed
  • Sag Materiale: Rustfrit Stål

The watch is very cool, the dial and mirror are very clear, the quality is very good, it is a very classic style, the Swiss automatic mechanism movement, the cutting surface of the strap is very special, it looks very elegant, I suggest you can try it, because it is really great, the seller is trustworthy
Pedro Lino
Looks very beautiful. Worth every penny. Totally recommend the seller. The shipping was the fastest than the any other products that i have received in AliExpress.
Patefon 2010
The quality is great, the service is very good, it has a free warranty card, ten years I don't have to worry about it being damaged by me, very happy